As stylists, Michel and Phuong have been pacing Vietnam since 1989 in search of materials and knowledge. At the opening of the country to tourism, the tour operators wanted to benefit from their knowledge of the country and their links with the mountain people. Thus was born in 1992 the first receptive agency of adventure - discovery in Vietnam.

They organized a few years later, to take travelers off the beaten track, the first bivouacs on Whale Island

And treks in the Song Chay Mountains. The success of these localities lead naturally to install the island resort then Pan Hou Village. The Sampan Tcharokaa was built in 2008 to take travelers to the most authentic and remote parts of the Mekong Delta.

We invite you today to familiarize yourself with Vietnam, to consult the examples of trips offered on this site to give you an idea of ​​the itineraries that we propose. You will be welcome  to ask us to customize one of them or to develop your own program that may include a stay in one of our lodges or a cruise on the Mekong delta.