Red River Delta

The only reliefs are the dikes and the groves of domestic trees that conceal the villages, often below the level of the River. The designs of the rice fields and the network of canals seem identical from all angles to the point that it is difficult to find its way in a plain where all the horizons are confused.

The torrential rains, undermining upstream mountains, if they sometimes cause disasters, are at first a panacea for the Red River Delta and its inhabitants. Whatever the season, hordes of Kinh peasants bustle on the plots of a land without rest.

It was here, in this cradle of the Vietnamese nation, that the viet identity was forged. The ancestors of the Kinh have invested the marshes there, and taking advantage of the Chinese contribution mastered the flooded rice cultivation.

In order to devote a maximum of land to cultivation, and to protect themselves from looters, the houses are grouped within the walls of the village, sheltered from the dikes. The communal temples shelter the protective geniuses, the ancestors founders and the deserving personages in the title of the country or simply of the village community.

Formerly, the holder of the power, intermediary with the occult powers gave the name of his choice to the village, or changed it. It is about qualities or symbols, qualities or natural forces (perennity, happiness, fidelity, peace, dragon, river, mountain). And the name of a town or village is rarely definitive because after a cataclysm, after a defeat, it is often renamed for better protection.

The sugar loaves bordering the Delta hide the troglodyte pagodas that host the great pilgrimages of Buddhism in silk painting decorations.

Founding temples of the nation and royal tombs are protected from the threats of the invaders sheltered from the reliefs of the foothills.

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