North Montains

On both sides of the fault dug from west to east by the Red River, two mountainous settlements enclose the Delta to the north and west. In the course of centuries, successive waves of peoples of different origins have accumulated, generally fleeing from China, its famines and its persecutions.

Kinhs traditionally dressed in brown, covered with "no la" and equipped with the palanque have given way to other ethnic groups with the dominant indigo blue.

This group of natural fortresses and the maze of passes and gorges were for all time a refuge for endangered peoples or thrones as well as for bands of plunderers such as the Black or Yellow Pavilions.

A human macedonia, a real ethnological laboratory, occupies the valleys in villages crowned with lataniers. Here, the slopes are chiselled from terraces. Elsewhere the forest has taken refuge on the summits. Often the torrential rivers shear the reliefs and carry trees and rocks torn from the massifs that have been thrown into the summer storms. There, the famous Shan tea is grown or the indigo that will tint the clothes. Everything is spectacular, with, in apotheosis, markets, real kaleidoscopes where people with the most diverse languages ​​and origins come together. All this should be classified as a World Heritage Site.

Discovering takes you to authentic Vietnam, even and especially where others do not go, on the heights, to the discovery of a wild nature to meet the tribes.

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