The Marine Reserve

Whale Island Resort is a Member of Hotel Managed Marine Reserves.

We have enclosed the bay of the resort to help the marine life, in a catastrophic state (species and numbers) in 2000, and to improve it (species and numbers).

Since, we have registered every year the success of our aware programme. Even some of the local fishermen thank us for it.

We just keep organize the bottom life of our bay by setting some fish agregating devices or more recently by moving a wreck to the bottom of our bay.

Fishing, catching and collecting is forbidden on the whole island.

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Room in the Garden House

Room in the Garden House

These bungalow, furnished with fan and a mosquito net are located at the opposite of our collective facilities, in our tropical garden hosted by exotics birds. Each of them has its private shower room heat with solar panel and toilet.  The furthest bungalow still at no more than 130 meters from the beach. Double and twin room have an average surface of 10 meter square...

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