• 2 Days trek
A trek day begins at 9am and ends in the afternoon, depending on walking pace and the itinerary chosen, by between 15 and 16h. Lunch for participants are  provided as part of our services.
They are leaded by a local guide,  member of a minority of the Song Chay Mountains (our local guides only speak Vietnamese).

The duration of the Walk and the topography details noted in our documents are only approximations: we can possibly adapt our routes according to your expectations and the level of your group.

First Day: Hike from Pan Hou village to Khoa Ha

You leave Pan Hou with your local guide at 9am to explore the nearby mountains through tropical forests and rice terraces.

After a three hours walk, you are taking a break in a village of the Red Dao for lunch. By necessity, they have sculpted the mountainside and use its water courses to grow rice. These laborious adjustments who enable them to live in the heights, offer you some unique landscapes to contemplate. The cooler climate and fresh water in abundance also contribute to the growth of lush tea trees.

You will reach another Red Dao village after a two hours walk that will allow you to discover the local vegetation, to meet with the local people and observe them in their daily activities.

Accommodation: Red Yaos Homestay

B- Pan Hou, LD- Red Yaos

Second day: From Khoa Ha to Thong Nguyen

"After having breakfast, your Trek continue to Thong Nguyen Valley. You reach the village after two hours of walk.  

 B- Red Yaos

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2 Days trek

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