• Secret and Authentic Vietnam - 14 days

This tour will be convenient for the Travelers who wish to discover the authentic parts of Vietnam, moving away from the most touristic.

From the most secluded Hamlets of the north mountains to the Mekong Delta,  we offer you to discover splendid landscapes and to meet local people. You will also take a seaside break from an island in the centre of the country. 

Day 1: Arrival in Hanoi

Arrival at Hanoi airport, welcome by your guide and installation at your hotel. Visit the Western Lakes and Hoan Kiem, the Tran Quoc Pagodas, the One Pillar, and the Quan Thanh Temples, Literature and the Jade Mountain. Free dinner. Overnight at the hotel.

Accommodation Overnight at hotel (Hanoi)

Day 2: Mong Phu Silk Weavers

Your guide takes you to the western part of Hanoi in the old village of Mong Phu to observe the traditional weaving of silk, where over a dozen generations, more than four hundred families perpetuate the traditional weaving of silk. Visit the Tay Phuong Pagoda. Drive towards Tu Long Bay. Free dinner. Overnight at the hotel.

  Overnight accommodation in hotel (Mông Phú)

Day 3: Cruise in Tu Long Bay

You drive along the coast to Tu Long Bay. A day dedicated to the discovery by junk of the most secret and furthest part of Halong Bay: Tu Long Bay (Dragon Bay). If these types of relief can be seen in other regions or even in other countries, the vision is unique because of the profusion. You embark on a junk for a day cruise through the maze of islets until late afternoon. Then your driver takes you back to Hanoi. Free dinner. 

  Accommodation Overnight at hotel (Hanoi)

Day 4: Departure for the High Region

Morning dedicated to the Hanoi ethnological museum, to learn more about the minority peoples who live in the country. Then departure for the upper region, in the Song Chay massif, where many ethnic groups have found refuge after fleeing China. You arrive at the end of the afternoon in a valley in the heart of this massif, preserved of mass tourism, in Pan Hou Village.

  Overnight accommodation in Pan Hou Village (Sông Chảy)

Day 5: Trek in Song Chay

You leave this morning Pan Hou village for a 4 day trek (moderate level), which starts on one of the starting points of the famous Route of the Tea. During this experience, you will of course have the opportunity to discover unusual landscapes but above all to meet local people and exchange with them. Your hosts tonight will be Tays who will greet you in their traditional house on stilts.

Walking time: 3 hours

Vertical rise: + 300m / -100m

Day 6: Meeting with Yaos with Long Tunics

Today, you follow the valley of Suoi Nam: farms on stilts backed up to the mountain and close to the water follow one another in a landscape of rice terraces. The area of Mount Ki Liou Ti where Song Chay originates is mainly populated by Hmongs Hoa, Man Ta Pan, Tays, Yaos to Long Tunic and Nung Inh. Night in a Yaos family at Long Tunic.

Walking time: 3 hours

Vertical rise: + 300m / -100m          

Day 7: Nights in a flower H'mong's houses 

Today you continue your trek along the creek. After lunch at the Dao Rouge, you will resume your walk to a H'mong village. The members of this ethnic group cultivate not only rice and corn, but also tea trees in the traditional way. Night in the home stayt.

Walking time: 5 hours

Difference in altitude: + 600m / -400m

Day 8: End of the trek and traditional bath 

After breakfast, You will descent down to the Lang Biang valley towards a Yaos Rouge village, famous for the Shan Tuyet tea, harvested from centuries-old trees. After lunch, you will cross the canopy and reach Pan Hou village. Afternoon free to enjoy a traditional bath with plants. Overnight in Pan Hou Village.

Walking time: 4 hours

Difference in altitude: + 200m / -600m

 Overnight accommodation in Pan Hou Village (Sông Chảy)

Day 9: Hoang Su Phi Minority Market

Your driver will take you to the Sunday Market of Hoang Su Phi. It is the gathering of all the populations that will have accommodated you or that you will have met on your way. La Chis, Ha Nhis, Co Laos also frequent this market where you can also discover products for sale such as medicinal plants or indigo. A vehicle will drive you back to Hanoi. Your arrival is scheduled in the early evening. Overnight at the hotel.

 Overnight accommodation in hotel (Hanoi)

Day 10: Island of the Whale

Early this morning you will fly to Tuy Hoa. A driver and its vehicle will wait for you to take you in an hour and half to the Hon Gom peninsula. After a 15-minute crossing by boat, you will get on Whale Island, surrounded by coconut palms, the China Sea its corals and tropical fish, and the forest. 

 Accommodation Overnight in a bungalow

Day 11: A fishing village cut off from the world

Your seaside break continue.

Possibility of snorkeling *, kayak excursion, canoeing, catamaran, windsurfing or scuba diving (from March to September) with the instructor of the diving club. Overnight in a bungalow.

* Rental of the palm, mask and snorkel equipment for the duration of your stay on the island, a 3 hour boat trip to a coral reef on the island and the rental of a kayak or a Canoe for two people for two hours are included in this package.

 Accommodation Overnight in a beach bungalow

Day 12: End of your beach holiday

You will enjoy this last day on the island before leaving in the late afternoon to get to Nha Trang Train Station. You will take in the evening a night train to Ho Chi Minh City. Free dinner. Night on the train.

 Overnight accommodation by train (Ho Chi Minh City)

Day 13: Discovery of the Mekong Delta

Your Tour guide is welcoming you upon your arrival in the Ho Chi Minh City train station.

Departure to the Mekong Delta. Your first stop will be Cai Be, its floating market and the former home of a mandarin. On the road, visit of the city of Sadec: the  Nha Co, the house of Huynh Thuy Lè, the temple Cao Dai and a garden of Bonzai. Drive to Long Xuyen, where you will take a ferry to the island of Tigre. Free lunch. Night in homestay.

Day 14: The Tiger Island

You will discover the life of the island locals by foot or pushbike before joining Long Xuyen and exploring the city market. Your driver will take you back to Ho Chi Minh City.

 Steps: Long Xuyen Ho Chi Minh City



 - 15% for children under 12 years, -30% for children under 6 years.

 Free for children under 2 years of age, subject to the acceptance of conditions.

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Secret and Authentic Vietnam - 14 days

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