• Trek in the North Mountains and Seaside Break  - 13j
A true human macedonia confers on the northern mountains the interest of an ethnographic laboratory. Villages crowned with lataniers occupy the valleys, the slopes are carved out of terraces in the manner of contour lines, the forest takes refuge on the summits. Everything is spectacular, and it is no longer even necessary to praise Halong Bay. After the effort ... whether you are a diver or a lover of the wild coast, you will appreciate the Ecolodge of the Island of the Whale whose owners have been involved for a dozen years in the preservation of the underwater fauna .

Day 1 Hanoi

Arrival in Hanoi - Noi Bai and transfer to Hanoi at your hotel. Visit the city following the Royal Scheduling. Visit the Tran Quoc Pagoda, Quan Thanh Temple, Pillar One Pillar, Embassy District, Temple of Literature, Hoan Kiem Lake and Thirty Six Corporations. Breakfast.

Day 2 Halong Bay

Drive to Halong Bay across the North of the Red River Delta. You will embark on a private junk for a cruise with a night aboard. Breakfast lunch dinner.

Day 3 Road for the Middle Region

Your cruise will end in the middle of the day. After lunch you will take the road to the Middle Region. Breakfast lunch dinner.

Day 4 The people Pa then

Drive to the Massif du Haut Song Chay. It is from Tan Lap, village Iu Mien that we start our trek. Landscapes of terraced rice fields, crowned peaks, you will pass in the village of K'Thuong populated by Pa then and you will sleep at the Man Ta Pan. Breakfast lunch dinner. 4 hours drive

Day 5 At the Tay

Your second day will take you to the Tay's where you will sleep, You will have passed a pass to reach Xuan Minh. In a country of Shan tea culture. Breakfast lunch dinner.

Day 6 End of the trek

Your last day of walking will make you meet Tays and Man Ta Pan but also Yaos to Long Tunic. You will arrive in Lang Giang mid-day at the base camp of Pan Hou Village. This is where you will pause and sleep. Breakfast lunch dinner.

Day 7 Transfer to Whale Island

You drive to Hanoi early in the morning for Noi Bai. You will be there in the early afternoon for your flight to Nha Trang. Breakfast lunch dinner. 7 hours drive

Day 8 The joys of a private island ...

Drive this morning for the pier of the island. You will be on the Island of the Whale in the late morning.

Diving, snorkeling, sailing (hobiecat 16, windsurfing), lazing around, nature walks and fishing villages. Breakfast lunch dinner.

Days 9 to 12 Whale Island

Accommodation in Whale Island. Breakfast lunch dinner.

Day 13 Saigon

End of stay

 Flight to Saigon and international flight back.



 - 15% for children under 12 years, -30% for children under 6 years.

 Free for children under 2 years of age, subject to the acceptance of conditions.

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Trek in the North Mountains and Seaside Break - 13j

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