• Family tour in Vietnam - 12 days

A family trip to the discovery of adventure lands, a meeting and a sharing of daily life with the ethnic minorities of Haut Tonkin, Halong Bay of course and a stay in an archipelago for an initiation to the life under -marine and diving, with for children a travel diary for the making of souvenirs.

Day 1 Hanoi: Welcoming

Arrival at Noi Bai airport. Your guide will be waiting for you at the airport and will take you to your hotel located in the old Quarter. You will go for a walk in the Quarter of the Thirty Six Corporations: (a whole street is devoted to the sweets and the fete ...) The whole family will appreciate during the trinkets of the puppets on the water of the theater of Thanh Long.

Day 2 Hanoi - Pan Hou: Minibus ride to the River Claire

The minibus crosses the north of the Red River Delta and the Middle Region to reach the Claire River Massif. It will take the road to the lodge of Pan Hou Village, base camp from which you will leave tomorrow morning in ethnic trekking Mountains. You will have the opportunity to walk through its landscaped gardens and discover the plants with which the staff tay converse from time to time.

7 hours by minibus punctuated with breaks that you can decide

Day 3 Pan Hou: Meet the Ma Ta Pan

We leave for 3 days in the middle mountain. Our path passes through the properties of the Man Ta Pan. They will be our guests the first night. Adepts of Taoism, they practice the magic and the know-how of their shamans to question the spirits is put to contribution in all the events of the life like the marriages, the births to the diseases.

Day 4:  Activities in the hamlets Yaos and Tay

The Yaos and Tay hamlets are only a few hundred meters apart, separated by the forests where the wild tea or cardamom grows, the terraced rice fields or the groves of the many species of bamboo. You will participate as a family in the activities of each other, whether they be rural or festive, according to the seasons: rice planting, harvesting, tea harvesting, drying and preparation, cardamom harvesting, animal feeding, but also ceremonies and festivals Traditional marriages or possible marriages.

Day 5:  Trek in the Song Giang Valley

You will have to leave your hosts in the morning and go down into the Song Giang valley. After a walk on the slopes of the Ki Lieou Ty massif, you will be in Pan Hou Village. 3 hours of walking

Day 6 Pan Hou: Traditional baths then road and train to Hanoi

This day break in the lodge will be used by the parents for a traditional bathing session prepared by Miss Tien and her assistants in the lodge's bath house. As for the children, it will be the opportunity to update their travel journal or to observe some of the guests who stay in the aviary. Routes in the afternoon for Lao Cai and night train for Hanoi.

Day 7 Hanoi - Halong Bay: Cruise on Halong Bay, Dragon Bay

Route to the Gulf of Tonkin across the North of the Red River Delta. Embark on a junk for a cruise through Halong Bay with a night aboard. The ancient Annamese maps named the place "Luc Hai", or the blue sea, but it is better known by its popular name Ha Long, because the legends inspired by the almost unreal chaos of the place, tell that it was in these waters That the Dragon descended from heaven to come and direct the water currents. On board Vietnamese cuisine based on seafood.


Day 8 Halong Bay - Noi Bai - Nha Trang: Sea kayak between islets sugar loaf

Aurora and twilight show unreal scenes. Nomadic fishing populations live on the bay and gather there in floating villages. Excursion by sea kayak among islands-loaves of sugar. Your cruise will end after your lunch on board. Drive to Hanoi in the early afternoon. You take a late afternoon flight to Nha Trang.

Day 9; Nha Trang - Whale Island: Beginning of your seaside break on the island of the lord whale

A vehicle takes you on the peninsula of Hon Gom where you will embark for the Island of the Whale. Coconut palms, the Sea of ​​China its corals and tropical fishes, walks in the island for the observation of plants and birds. During your stay you can take a boat from the island to visit Kay Luong, a fishing village. These are the descendants of the ethnic minorities Ha and Cham who devote themselves to whale worship and we will be able to see the burials they set up for them. You can of course also do nothing, sail on our catamarans, practice windsurfing, snorkeling or scuba diving with the instructor of the diving club.

For children: introduction to scuba diving, snorkeling from the marine reserve adjacent to the resort but also from a coral reef by participating in a boat "expedition", discovering the butterflies of the tropical forests, Anemone fish and ... a homemade taste.

Days 10 to 11 Whale Island: Continuation of your seaside stay.

Day 12 Return to Hanoi : End of your trip

Good-bye, we must go home. Transfer to the airport and flight to Noi Bai where you will take your return flight.



- 15% for children under 12 years, -30% for children under 6 years.

 Free of charge for children under 2 years, subject to the acceptance of conditions.

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Family tour in Vietnam - 12 days

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