Terms & Conditions

These Sales Term state of some commercial rules between any customers, here after called the traveler and any services of Kham Pha Ltd (Whale Island Resort, Pan Hou Village, Tcharokaa or the travel agency), here after called Kham Pha.

1. Price validity

Kham Pha guarantees the validity of prices, invoices or documents provided to the Customer at the time of distribution. But rates may be an adjustment in cases of force majeure (significant fluctuation in exchange rates, newly enacted state tax, etc ...) and with or without advance notice to our part.

Pricing policy for children:

- Children under 6 years old sharing room, transportation (except flight) and meals with parents: free of charge

- Children from 6 to 12 years old: discounts on adult price available on request.

- Children over 12 years are considered as adults.

2. Booking process

Travelers should send a request for booking service to Kham Pha by email or through a booking online website with the following details: Name of guest, number of rooms, room type, date and time of check in and check out room with details of the service requested. 

Any booking inquiry are confirmed only after the customer have received a notification by email from the booking online system or the reception and after the customer have paid the required deposit before the term given by the lodge. 

3. Cancellation by the agency

The services provided by the agency may be canceled by Kham Pah for reasons related to a situation of force majeure, political, health, natural disasters, aircraft, etc.. In all cases of cancellation, registrants are fully refunded but cannot claim any compensation.

In the case of a change program operated by us without any external constraints and causing changes in services, the agency will provide participants Compensatory services or refund for services not provided or for services provided under a lower standard than originally planned. Of course, in the case of exceptional circumstances (outside of human control) resulting in a change program, Kham Pha will do its best to find an alternative but cannot be held responsible for any possible additional costs. Both parties also understand that any action of the participant that falls outside the scope of the program or contract approved by both parties can not in any case be subject to the responsibility of Kham Pha.

4. Responsibilities

All travelers concerned by the booking that could include accommodations, transportation, meals and activities or visit should be entirely responsible of appreciating their health and physical condition before attempting or receiving the service provided. 

We advise the participant to purchase travel insurance.

It is the responsibility of the participants to have a passport and a valid visa, if required, for the duration of their stay.

5. Disputes

 In case of difficulties, both parties shall endeavor to seek an amicable solution to their dispute. In case of disputes and / or complaints, "International Arbitration Centre of Vietnam" under the "Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam" will be solely responsible.

6. Conclusion

The booking conditions are not only limited to the previous rules. Travelers are more than welcome to request extra information to the agent in charge of their booking.